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Aurat March placard called blasphemous

Karachi: Supporters of some hardline religious parties are calling for a protest against the recently held Aurat March claiming that a placard held by some participants was ‘blasphemous”.

Members of an obscure “PTQM” party are criticizing the women’s march on Facebook and WhatsApp groups to rally support behind their planned protest.

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WhatsApp and social media posts doing the rounds claim that the placard insulted the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and his wife Ayesha (R.A).

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, an active member and co-organizer of the Aurat March rejected the allegations and said that objections being raised against the placard were wrong as it did not insult any religious figures.

He said that the placard was used against child marriage and clerics who support them.

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