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Photos and videos of Punjab University female students being sold on deep web: report

LAHORE: Pictures, videos and mobile phone numbers of female students of the Punjab University have been put on sale on the deep web, claimed a local broadcaster GNN on Sunday.

Deep web or invisible web are parts of World Wide Web whose contents are not indexed by search engines such as google,

Citing unnamed sources, the Lahore-based TV channel said the families of the female students have expressed concern after they received the information about personal data of the students being leaked on the internet forums.

The TV channel went on to say that the unknown users on internet were selling the images, videos and contact details to customers who pay them in bitcoin crypt currency.

It, however, gave not a single example of the activity on the internet involving Punjab University students.

The broadcaster also did not provide any hint about the alleged victims of the organized crime.

According to experts sometimes the term deep web is mistakenly used to refer to the dark web, content available on the internet which requires specific software or authorization to access.

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