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Heads must roll in Pakistan Cricket Board

Pakistan is a cricket crazy nation and its love for the game and players can be gauged from the fact that a former cricket hero is ruling the country now.

The nation becomes united when their team is in the arena regardless of their differences but their anger knows no bounds when the national side faces humiliating defeats.

Pakistan cricket team has lost ODI series at the hands of Australia in UAE just days after Prime Minister Imran Khan asked the Pakistan Cricket Board that he wants to see Pakistan become the best team in all formats of the game.

Khan, one of the finest players the game has seen, took notice of the current state of affairs in Pakistan cricket and asked the PCB to shun expediencies.

Imran Khan, who led Pakistan to its only World Cup victory in 1992, is said to have rejected the PCB’s proposed plan to improve things.

Khan was of the view, and rightly so, that Australian plan could be the guiding light for the Pakistani planners to improve first class cricket in the country.

He said new talent will come to fore with tough competition in the first class cricket. Khan said no team in the world will be able to defeat Pakistan.

He dubbed the departmental cricket as cancer for the game, saying a person on the job can’t play (professional) cricket.

There is no dearth of talent in Pakistan but absence of effective system is the only thing that is holding back Pakistan from emerging as champions.

Countless talented players who become victim of nepotism could have proved their mattle if only they were given opportunities to represent Pakistan.

Not only Imran Khan has played cricket across the world, he is also quite familiar with the systems that are in place in different countries.

And that was the reason he asked  the PCB to follow Australian model. Pakistan team can gradually become the best in all formats if it introduces new system with an aim to promote talent.

Apart from introducing reforms, the cricket bosses will have to put an in end to culture of nepotism and ensure.   

The humiliating defeat against Australia just months before the World Cup has angered the nation, with fans calling for heads to roll on and off the filed.

The dismal performance comes days after fourth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) which fueled  the hopes that Pakistan cricket is going to see a turn around.

PCB needs to devise a new plan ahead of the World Cup and select a set of players capable of leading the side to victories and putting up fight while facing a tough opposition.

And the defeat against Australia should not go unnoticed .

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