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Samra Chaudhry, Rabi Peerzada and Fortuner: Trend of leaking explicit videos continues in Pakistan

October 2019 saw record number of sexually explicit videos being leaked online in Pakistan.

Aspiring model Samra Chaudhry, Singer Rabi Peerzada, cricketer Shaheen Afridi and a couple travelling in Fortuner car remained topics of discussion on social media the whole month.

The videos followed the Emporium Mall cinema leaked videos in which couples were seen engaging in sexual activities.

The cinema in Lahore where the videos were filmed tendered an apology and assured the people that action would be taken against those involved in leaking them.

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The videos had sparked a privacy breach debate with rights activist stressing the need to implement laws that could prevent video leaks from cinemas, restaurants and other establishments where security cameras are installed.

It was the protest registered online by some activists that prompted some TV channels to discuss the issue of Lahore cinema video leak in order to create awareness.

The dust was yet to settle when a plethora of more such videos emerged online the next month, with Rabi Peerzada having her naked videos leaked.

The worst thing about the scandal was that folks went on to share them on popular social media websites.

Saner voices asked people to refrain from sharing such content since it has the potential to jeopardize human lives.

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Peerzada announced to quit showbiz in the wake of video scandal and requested people not to share her private videos.

Rabi Peerzada was the only person featuring in private videos who publicly acknowledged that she had her videos leaked.

Shaheen Afiridi refused to comment on the video that purported to show him indulging in objectionable activities.

Samra Chaudhry, an aspiring model and a make up artist, not only did have her videos leaked, her clip ended up on popular adult websites due to their strong sexual content

While people continue to share the scandalous videos on Whatsapp groups, fate of “victims” remain unknown.

There was no word as to what sort of situation the couples from cinema, Fortuner and Samra Chaudhry have found themselves in after their scandalous videos went viral.

The sad thing about all this was deafening silence on part of the government.

Even Human Rights ministry offered no comment on the trend of private videos being leaked online despite the fact that the issue has the potential to put human lives at risk.

Apart from preventing people from violating privacy of individuals, the government could have at least tried to create awareness through a campaign.

The trend would continue if the government remains indifferent.

Or perhaps it would continue neglecting the issue until an untoward incident shocks this nation.

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