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Imran Khan’s Karachi Package

Pakistan’s commercial hub Karachi, once known as city of lights saw a decade of gangland and political violence that devoured thousands of lives.

With the killers who ruled the city by instilling fear the only thing people seemed to care was how to avoided being murdered by unknown gunmen in the city.

But now that the metropolis, which is home to at least 20 million people, has attained relative peace they have come to realized that their city has been left behind in terms of development.

The people of Karachi put their weight behind PTI and some other political parties in the last year’s general election and now they want things to improve beyond law and order.

The city has been affected by a host of issues including lack of cleanliness, potable water, infrastructure, traffic management and policing.

Prime Minister Imran Khan seems to have finally realized the plight of the metropolis and announced a Rs162 billion package for the Karachi.

The prime minister rightly said that being at the helm of affairs in Sindh, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was responsible for development of the city.

The prime minister seems to be aware of demands coming from his supporters in Karachi who helped his party win record number of seats in the election.

By taking solid steps for development in Sindh and its capital Karachi, the PTI can further strengthen its position and the Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken the first such step in the right direction by announcing the package for metropolis.

Shedding light on the details, Mr Khan said the package has been prepared on the basis of private and public sector partnership.

The package consists of 18 projects out of which 10 are for public transport while seven have been allocated for water and sewerage.

The government has decided to release Rs8 billion for the Green Line Bus service and a new transport scheme would also be introduced for transporters in the city.

Under the scheme, 500 transporters would be give loans for hundreds of new buses. As part of solution to traffic jams, the government is also likely to open Lyari Expressway for heavy traffic and Rs2 billion would be released to further improve the track.

Revival of circular railway and 220 RO plants for six districts of the city are also on the cards.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has rightly decided to give a new master-plan to Karachi and called it mandatory to ensure provision of basic amenities to the citizens.

He also announned to establish a univerity in Hyderabad, the second largest city of Sindh. If the Rs162 billion package becomes a reality, most of problems facing Karachi could be resolved.

Karachi’s business fraternity and the Muttahida Qaui Movement (MQM), the party which ruled the city for decades, have welcomed the prime minister’s announcement.

The real test for the prime minister would begin with the implementation of the development plan under his Karachi package.

The premier should personally oversee the implementation of Karachi package to ensure that his plans for the city become a reality without any delay.

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