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Jahaz Banda, a popular tourist destination in Pakistan

Jahaz Banda

Pakistan is becoming tourist attraction after country’s armed forces have brought back a relative calm following years of violence.

The violence devoured thousands of lives across the country. No major city and town was spared by the merchants of deaths as they went on their death spree.

Now that the peace is somewhat back, local tourists have been thronging the upper parts of the country to witness the majestic beauty of mountains covered with snow and green pasture surrounded by those mountains.

A considerable number of foreign tourists have also undertaken the journey to explore the beautyfull valleys and mountains of the country lately.

While Pakistan is blessed with everything a person with good aesthetic sense long for, Pakistan’s northern parts have always been a major attraction for foreign tourists too.

Pakistan government has also relaxed visa regime to facilitate the foreigners as part of its efforts to promote tourism in the country.

Under the new visa regime visitors from various countries would be entitled to on arrival visa while tourists from other countries will also be facilitated by the local authorities to get their visas without facing any difficulties.

These steps are expected to help Pakistan increase revenue in the face of current ecnomic crisis.

AS you plan holiday trip this Eid, I will suggest you explore Jahan Banda also called Jazz Banda.

Located in Upper Dir District of Khyber Paktunkhwa province, Jahaz Banda is a large meadow in the upper reaches of Kurat Valley.

The region is surrounded by Snow-clad mountains, long trees and green patures. The main road continues north up the Upper Dir and reaches the village of Darwaza, where the road branches off and enters Lamoti village. It then ascends to Jandari village by a jeepable un-metaled road from where you have to trek to Jahaz Banda.

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