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Keeping India at bay

Repeated Indian efforts to create a jingoistic atmosphere, threatening messages to Pakistan, refusal to hold election in Occupied Kashmir and handing over of the complete control of the territory to New Delhi, further deployment of troops , ban on Jamaat-e-Islami and Liberation Front, indiscriminate arrests of Hurriyat leaders and workers, violence against Kashmiris in India, mob attack on Muslims, claims about fake surgical strike, recent airstrikes on Balakot, targeting of civilian population on Line of Control and accumulation of weapons all are the indications no amount of peace overtures from Pakistan has succeeded in changing the mindset of Modi government.

With Indian general election just around the corner, the Modi government can go to the extent of jeopardizing regional peace by provocative measures.

Pakistan just can’t trust Modi and it needs to be vigilant.

It it satisfying that government in Islamabad, our political leadership and armed forces seem prepared and united to cope with any situation.

As part of its preparedness, Pakistan has installed a new air defence system on the border with India in order to prevent the enemy from violating its ground and aerial frontiers.

The Chinese system is laced with equipment comprising low range surface to air missile, surveillance radar and drones that are vital to prevent the enemy from carrying out attacks.

Apart from missiles and radar, Pakistan has also deployed Chinese made Rainbow CH military drones that can detect enemy aircraft before they enter Pakistan.

The measures were mandatory given the bellicose rhetoric from  Indian prime minister and army leaders that they can go to any length to teach a lesson to Pakistan.

India was humiliated by the Pakistan Air Force which brought down its two MIG aircraft last month.

The only thing that has prevented India from any adventure is Pakistan’s nuclear weapons which military spokesman during an interview with a foreign media outlet rightly said are a deterrence against the enemy.

The army spokesman, however, categorically said Pakistan’s hands can’t be tied while keeping India free, and rightly noted Pakistan can use whatever weapons it pleases to defend itself against aggression.

Commenting on shooting down of two Indian warplanes, he said the move was amid at displaying “our capability” for the sake of regional peace.

He said Pakistan acted as a responsible state and refrained from targeting Indian military targets or human lives despite being capable of doing so.  

Entire world witnessed the dramatic escalation between the two nuclear armed nations which brought them to the brink of a war. And it also saw Pakistan extend olive branch to India by releasing captured Indian pilot.

Now it is incumbent upon the international community to force India to come to the negotiating table to resolve the Kashmir dispute because there can never be peace between the two nations until it remains the flashpoint.

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