Ali Sadpara was acting as John Snorri’s porter not partner on K2

Pakistani mountaineer Mohammad Ali Sadpara and his two companions went missing on February 5 during their K2 expedition.

All the efforts to search Sadpara and the two foreign climbers Pablo Mohr and John Snorri have failed so far.

According to a statement issued on Monday , Pakistan sent an F-16 jet to take the photographic surveys when the weather prevented rotary machines from approaching K2 during the search mission to locate.

As the search continues for Sadpara and his companions, it has been learnt that the Pakistani mountaineer was not John Snorri’s expedition partner.

Instead Ali Sadpara was climbing the Killer Mountain as Snorri’s guide and high altitude porter.

The reason the country’s most celebrated mountaineer chose to act as a guide or porter was he didn’t get the sponsorship to summit K2.