Kim Kardashian’s Instagram reveals her greed for money and power

While Kim Kardashian and her sisters are admired by millions of people across the world, there are some who don’t like them one bit.

Kim and her sisters often attract criticism for setting unrealistic expectations for young girls.

They are called greedy women trying to be friends with all the powerful people of the world.

While most of the criticism against them might be misplaced, there is some truth to the perception that the Kardashians want to get connected to the rich and famous.

One such example is Lauren Sanchez, the would-be-wife of billionaire Jeff Bezos.

Kim Kardashian, her sisters and their mother suddenly started interacting with Lauren after it became clear that things are heating up between her and Jeff Bezos.

Lauren Sanchez is the last person whom Kim Kardashian followed on Instagram.

Her name appears on the top of Kim’s “following” list on the Facebook-app.

While Kim Kardashian might have all the money in the world and have powerful friends, she is useless when her acquaintances are in need.

She didn’t bother to help her nail artist Brittney Boyce whose GoFundMe appeal was recently promoted by actor Megan Fox.

She could have single-handedly paid medical bills for Brittney Boyce’s father, who is being treated for cancer, but the artist chose to seek people’s help despite having friends and clients like Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian