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Asad and Nimra, teenage Pakistani couple faces harassment online

Lahore: Asad and Nimra, a newly married Pakistani couple, recently made headlines after they tied the knot at a relatively young age.

While majority of internet users commended the groom for opting to get marriage, others criticized him for a variety of reasons.

The couple remained topic of discussions for a while before the social media users moved on.

Asad once against emerged on social media when he reportedly defied the coronavirus lockdown. According to videos doing the rounds on social media he apologized to police for flouting the rules.

But recently some internet users have gone too far in maligning Asad and his wife.

They are circulating a fake video of the couple with suggestive captions without any fear completely oblivious to the consequences of their actions.

Authorities have failed to take notice of the campaign against the young couple. Hundreds of social media users have voiced support for the couple and condemned those who have been targeting them for no reason.

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