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Bella Thorne: ‘I wish I looked more Latin’

American actress Bella Thorne on Saturday shared her thoughts about her family origin while discussing struggle one has to face regarding their identity.

Reflecting on her being blonde, having hazel brown eyes and her unwillingness to expose herself to sun, she attempted to make the point that not every Cuban/Latin has to be a person with dark eyes, dark hair, and dark skin.

Expressing her wish to look more Latin, she explained how hard it is to be someone one is not.

Sharing a video on Instagram, Bella Thorne wrote a note in the caption which is given below:

“Being Cuban/Latin in most people’s eyes means having dark eyes, dark hair, and dark skin, I’m naturally blonde I have hazel brown eyes and I try not to go in the sun because skin cancer runs in my family I put an effect on this video, and looking at it I like me looking tan with darker hair. Honestly I wish I looked more Latin so I could feel more Latin so I could feel closer to my father and be prouder of my heritage…to wear my heritage on my skin. it’s just hard sometimes when no one thinks u are who u are…and everyone wants u to be something else :/ I LOVE MY CUBAN HERITAGE”.

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