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Billie Eilish reveals title of her favorite song by THIS singer: Find out

Billie Eilish is among millions of people who have quarantined themselves in the face of coronavirus spread.

The US teen sensation, after cancelling her activities, has hunkered down and is interacting with her fans via social media.

The singer on Saturday took to Instagram to have a Q&A session. Among many questions the singer was asked, one was about her favorite song.

“Favorite song and also what’s in your playlist,”asked one fan.

Answering the question, Billie Eilish shared a screenshot from her cell phone, revealing that James Blake 2019 single “Mile High” is her favorite song which also happens to be part of her playlist.

The official video for James Blake’s“Mile High,” features the talents of Travis Scott and Metro Boomin.

The song was the second single from the British singer-songwriter’s critically acclaimed studio album Assume Form.

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