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Comedian Amanullah Khan: Story behind his burial

Comedy legend Amanullah Khan passed away on Friday after a porlonged illness, leaving millions of fans devastated.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, people from entertainment industries in Pakistan and India and tens of thousands of fans expressed deep sorrow over the death of the stand-up comedian.

A days after his death a disturbing video was circulated on social media with claims that administration of a private housing society had refused to let the Amandullah’s family bury him at their graveyard.

It was claimed that the society refused on the grounds that they would not let a “Merasi” (An insulting term used in Punjab for people associated with entertainment industry).

According to the captions accompanying the video, minister Fayaz Chohan, who is also seen in the footage, had intervened to persuade the society’s administration.

While the video shows the minister arguing with a couple of men, it was still not clear what led to the situation.

As the people started condemning the society’s administration for not allowing burial of Amnaullah Khan, some people came up with the “other side of the story” rejecting the claims that objections on the burial was raised over Khan’s profession.

According to some people who claimed to have witnessed the situation, family of Amanullah Khan wanted to build a shrine for the comedian and wanted more space located in the graveyard for the purpose.

They said that the administration of the graveyard was opposed to the place where the grave was dug, adding that they wanted the family to bury the comedian at graveyard at the place allocated by them.

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