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F-16 manufacturer Lockheed Martin to file lawsuit against India over false claim of downing Pakistani aircraft?

F-16 manufacturer Lockheed Martin would file law suit against India for making false claim that it shot down Pakistani F-16 on Wednesday, according to a report published by wnobserver.

The story triggered a debate on social media with Indian users rejecting it as fake.

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The Lockheed Martin chose to clear the air by using its official Twitter account and said it had made no such comments

It, however, neither confirmed nor rejected Indian claims that a 60-year old Russian warplane can shoot down its state of the art F-16.

Indian Air Force on Wednesday claimed to have shot down Pakistani aircraft after Pakistan shot down two Indian aircraft and captured a pilot. India, however, has yet to come up with credible evidence to corroborate its claim.

In the report, the company was said to have claimed that all fighters jets on Pakistani inventory are well counted for, calling Indian claim outrageous and disrespect to its technological excellence in making the warplanes.

It said the company reserves the right to claim damages for the likely loss of their highly integrated state of the art fourth generation aircraft that Indian claim to have shot down with its old warhorse Soviet era MiG21.

A Pakistan defence analyst while talking on the condition of anonymity said the company would not risk losing business in India by approaching court against New Delhi for making such a claim.

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