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Famous Pakistani Youtuber had her private pictures leaked? FACT-CHECK

Majority of folks with smart phones in Pakistan think every female celebrity they see on TV or social media has had some kind of sex tape leaked at one point of time.

And if they fail to get their hands on such content, they start finding resemblance between a celebrity and a character from a lewd video.

Fatima Sohail, a TV anchor, recently approached FIA with a complaint that she was being wrongly linked to a woman from a viral sex tape.

Internet users in Pakistan now wrongly believe that a Youtuber associated with Bekaar Vines (Bekaar Films) also has some kind of explicit pictures leaked.

The claim is incorrect. The Youtuber has rejected the claims about the pictures as rumors. Bekaar Films, in an email to the The Namal, said that they have approached the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) with a complaint against those spreading the pictures.

It is to mention here that the pictures circulating show a woman lift her shirt to reveal her private body parts.

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