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Game of Thrones finale: Is Dany dead in all versions directors shot to avoid leak?

Game of Thrones Finale

Directors Benioff and Weiss shot several versions of the final episode of the HBO series to avoid any leaks.

Sophie Turner has admitted that even she was fooled into believing a fake version of the ending.

We don’t know whether all the versions get Dany killed. And we have no idea which one we get to see.

They might have limited the risks posed by hackers and pirates, but fans obsessed with the fantasy series has discussed everything that might happen in the run up to the Game of Thrones finale.

From who will kill Daenerys Targaryen to who will sit on the throne everything has been subject of discussions on the social media during the last week.

The last one theory about the fate of Dany suggest she might end yo dead at the hands of Arya Stark. According to fan theory The Stark girl killed the Night King will take on Grey Worm’s face to get closer to the Mad Queen and eventually kill her . It make a lot of sense but we can’t rule out Jon Snow too.

He has been the one who stood by Dany in the face of opposition from almost entire North to save the living from the army of dead.

And yet the woman killed thousands of innocent people in the Kings Landing without any reason when the enemies had surrendered.

Some fans suggested that although Arya would kill Daenerys Targaryen, it will be Sansa Stark who will take the Throne despite Jon Snow being rightful heir to the Throne.

Her fans were sharing a picture of her sitting on the Iron Throne in modern day clothes, calling her “The Ice Queen”.

Whatever the outcome, fans are going to miss Game of Thrones for years to come.

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