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India ‘astrologer’ mocked for predicting Pakistan’s destruction

A self proclaimed Indian astrologer Anirudh Kumar Mishra was mocked for his claims that Pakistan “face terrible internal conflicts from and after November 2019.

The man became subject of ridicule on Twitter after he shared his “prediction” on Twitter along with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s picture.

“It will go into horrible condition,” claimed Mishra about Pakistan.

While Indian extremists were having a field day after Mishra presented his wishful thinking as a “prediction”, Pakistani users mocked him for his ridiculous claims.

Some superstitious followers of the astrologer started asking about prospects of a war between Pakistan and India too.

“Sir, what will be it’s impact on India. I hope not much,” asked an India user .

A number of Indian users also criticized him on Twitter for predictions without any logic.

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