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Jenni Hermoso’s picture with brother used against her after Luis Rubiales controversy

Spain’s football federation has accused Jennifer Hermoso of lying about being kissed by federation Luis Rubiales and threatened lega action against her.

Responding to Hermoso and Spain’s Association of Professional Soccer Players (FUTPRO), the federation defended Rubiales, who described the kiss as “mutual” and spoke of “unjust” campaigns and “fake feminism.”

Spanish football federation (RFEF) President Luis Rubiales has been provisionally suspended by world soccer governing body FIFA after he grabbed player Jenni Hermoso’s head and kissed her on the lips following Spain’s victory at the Women’s World Cup.

While thousands of people voiced support for the women footballer after the incident, a large number of people trolled her under the comments section of her Instagram post that was shared on July 4.

The post contained a picture of Jenni kissing her brother on the lips while wishing him on his birthday in a Spanish language caption.

Commenting on her picture, multiple users said people do not usually kiss their brothers on the lips in Spain.

Most of the people criticized her and accused her of hypocrisy for demonizing Luis Rubiales over a “harmless kiss”.

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