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Kate, Prince William visit: Slip of tongue leaves Pakistani anchor red-faced

Lahore: Prince William and Kate Middleton recently undertook an official visit to Pakistan.

The royal couple’s visit between October 14 and 18 remained under constant media glare, with TV channels and news websites giving every detail of their activities in Pakistan.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William visited Islamabad, Lahore and parts of northern Pakistan during the tour.

It was during their visit to Lahore when a female anchor of 92 did something which has went viral in Pakistan.

The anchor was announcing the news of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s arrival in Lahore when she made an embarrassing slip of tongue.

She was supposed to say in Urdu Shahi Joray ki Lahore Aamad (Royal couple’s Lahore arrival) but ended up saying Shahi Joray ka Lora, which simply translates into”royal couple’s dic*”.

She instantly realized her mistake that left her red-faced on live TV.

Twitter and Facebook users in Pakistan have been sharing the video clip of the anchor’s verbal slip with funny captions even after it’s been over a week since Kate Middleton and Prince William have left the country after completing their visit.

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