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Letter attributed to Maryam Nawaz is fake, US Embassy confirms

ISLAMABAD: The US Embassy in Islamabad on Monday confirmed that the letter attributed to Maryam Nawaz is fake.

The clarification comes a day after the former prime minister’s daughter took to Twitter and called the letter work of an evil mind .

“Attached is a fake letter circulating with may name and signatures. Some evil mind at workd” Maryam Nawaz said on Twitter.

The letter addressed to a US diplomat in Islamabad requests him to use his office to force the government to provide medical treatment to ailing former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

It seeks US intervention in the interest of justice and human rights.

Nawaz Sharif, who is serving a jail term in Al-Azizia corruption reference, has been suffering from heart disease and is said to have suffered multiple angina attacks in the detention facility earlier this month.

His daughter and heir apparent Maryam Nawaz says her father’s condition is life threatening.

PMLN President Shehbaz Sharif has warned that Prime Minister Imran Khan would be held responsible if “anything happens to Nawaz Sharif” in jail.

The prime minister, however, on March 9th wished his political nemesis good health and said that he has asked asked the Punjab CM to ensure that every health facility in the country is made available for Nawaz Sharif to get the treatment of his choice.

“The federal govt will assist wherever required. I wish him good health,” the premier had said in a statement.

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