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Maria B’s husband arrested for ‘spreading coronavirus’

Lahore: Authorities on Tuesday arrested Tahir Saeed, the husband of famed fashion designer Maria B, for hiding a coronavirus case.

Marias B’s husband has also tested positive for coronavirus, official sources confirmed on Tuesday.

Police said he arrested for sending his cook Umar Farooq, who had tested positive for the deadly virus, to his village in Vihari, Punjab, despite being aware of the fact how fast the COVID-19 gets transmitted.

The cook had undergone a test after his health deteriorated and his results showed that he had contracted coronavirus.

Farooq was then sent to his village Karam Pur by Tahir Saeed through a bus. The police brought Umar Farooq from Vihari and shifted him an Isolation ward at Lahore’s Meo Hospital while Tahir Saeed was arrested for his criminal act of hiding the disease of his servant and negligence.

Maria B condemned the arrested in a video message posted on her social media accounts.

The social media posts couldn’t be independently verified.

The police released Tahir Saeed on bail on Tuesday evening, with an official spokesman saying due to his criminal act the entire village in Vihari will have to be quarantined.

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