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MGK brags about having killed Eminem in new diss track

Machine Gun Kelly has left Eminem fans fuming over his new diss track in which he bragged about having killed the Detroit rapper.

MGH reignited his beef with Marshall Mathers in a new song titled ” “Bullets With Names”.

Targeting Eminem, the Cleveland singer raps, “Killed me a GOAT so my jacket got stains on it / Wipin’ my nose like I got some cocaine on it / Pulled out his coffin and ate me a plate on it / Called up his *****, showed my ****, let ’em lay on it.”

While using multiple expletives directed at the man once he admired, Machine Gun Kelly at least admitted that he was attacking “Greatest Of All Time”.

The song has sparked a debate on social media, with a majority of Eminem fans writing that he would give a tit-for-tat response to MGK.

Others thought the “Rap Devil” is driven by hate and envy for Eminem and he just can’t stand the public attention his nemesis has received lately with his surprise album “Music To Be Murdered By” and his equally surprise Oscars appearance.

Eminem fans, however, are divided on the opinion whether MGK’s diss track merits a response from “Rap God”.

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