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Mohsin Abbas’ ex-wife Fatima Sohail becomes target of viral video smear campaign

Fatima Sohail is the ex-wife of singer and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider

The former anchor is being targeted in a viral video smear campaign months after filing for separation

Karachi: Fatima Sohail, ex-wife of actor Mohsin Abbas,, has become target of a smear campaign months after filing for divorce .

The former anchor had approached in September a family court in Lahore to file for separation, accusing her husband of domestic violence.

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She had received support from all sections of the society as she opened up about the alleged torture at the hands of Mohsin Abbas Haider.

Haider, however, denied subjecting Fatima Sohail to torture.

Months after the issue made headlines in the media, Sohail is being targeted in what seem to be a coordinated campaign aimed at character assassination .

A large number of people were found spreading a fake video with claims that it purports to show former anchor and “wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider, Fatima Sohail”.

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