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‘Money Heist’ star Ursula Corbero shares a naughty advice about eating a banana

Ursula Corbero has become an internationally recognized actor with her stellar performances in Netflix series “Money Heist”.

The Spanish actress plays Tokio in the the series which is fast becoming a pop culture phenomenon with ever increasing audiences across the world.

“Money Heist” fans think Ursula Corbero is the hottest woman alive and they couldn’t help staring at her pictures circulating on social media.

The actress has amassed over 15 million followers on Instagram. While a look at her account provides a glimpse into her glamours life, there is one particular post that would catch your attention.

It is in fact an advice about eating a banana. In the February, 2020 post, Ursula Corbero shared a saying which goes,”Never make eye contact while eating a banana”.

This jocular saying means eating a banana often represents the sex act of … yes you got it right. So Ursual wants you to finish your banana before you make an eye contact.

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