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Pakistan Air Force continues to hone capabilities after proving superiority over India

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Air Force warplanes carried out off-runway operations on Monday.

According to a statement issued by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), the exercise was  conducted on multiple locations along motorways and highways.

Pictures released by the PAF showed Mirage and F-7P fighter jets landing on motorway during off-runway operations.

  “After landing, PAF fighter aircraft were refuelled and re-armed. The exercise was conducted to demonstrate the capability of PAF in being able to sustain high tempo air operations,” the statement said.

Federal Minister for Communications Murad Saeed along with senior civil and military officials was present as the aircraft landed and took off from motorway.

Pakistan proved its air superiority over India by downing two enemy aircraft over Kashmir just a day after India sent its planes to hit targets in Pakistan.

Following Indian airstrikes Pakistan promised to respond and it did within a day.

As the PAF downed the Indian aircraft , ground forces captured one of Indian pilots.

A day later Pakistan released the pilot as a peace gesture to its eastern neighbor.   

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