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Pakistani man killed while trying to overpower Christchurch mosque shooter

KARACHI: A Pakistani man lost his life during Christchurch shooting at a mosque in New Zealand while attempting to overpower the attacker.

Naeem Rashid is being hailed as a hero for scarifying his life to protest worshipers .

Rashid has been identified as the man who is seen running towards the gunman before being shot in the chilling footage from the mosque.

A resident of Abbottabad Naeem Rashid also lost his 21-year old son Talha Naeem Rashid in the shooting.

According to reports Naeem Rashid succumbed to his wounds at a hospital.

At least 49 people were killed and many others injured in the terrorist attack.

An eyewitness confirmed that Rashid lost his life while attempting to overpower the attackers.

“He shot him straight away. I try to follow him, but I can’t,” said Khaled Al-Nobani was quoted by New Zealand Heard as saying.

Pakistan Foreign Office said four Pakistani national were injured while five others reported missing after Christchurch shooting in New Zealand.

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