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PM Imran was not called Bronx welder by US anchor: Fact-check

Islamabad: It’s been a while since political opponents of Prime Minister Imran Khan and some journalists having reputation of being anti-Imran has been sharing a video of the premier in which they thought he was ridiculed by a US anchor during his recent visit to US.

The prime minister returned from US on Sunday after delevring an impressive speech at the United Nations General Assembly over Kashmir.

He has won accolades for his stance against Narendra Modi government and New Delhi’s policies.

Although the opposition parties were not satisfied with his speech at the UN, it was not his address at the world body that the opponents has used to mock the premier.

The Pakistani leader had arrived in Washington days before his speech at the UNGA and was invited to speak on different TV channels and a think tank.

In his appearance on MSNBC TV, he criticized the US and talked about the country’s futile wars in foreign lands.

Khan said when the US was busy waging war in Afghanistan spending tax payer’s money, China was developing what he said a first world infrastructure.

The TV hosts couldn’t help laughing when the Pakistani prime minister said “Now I am in New York and watching the car, you know, bumping around here”, in a reference to state of roads in the city.

His supporters started circulating the video of his funny remarks on social media until someone claimed that the prime minister was humiliated by the TV hosts for commenting on the roads in New York.

The critics insisted the anchor gave a tit-for-tat response to prime minister for passing insulting remarks.

The said the anchor’s response to the premier was: “You sound like a welder from the Bronx”.

The claim is incorrect. The anchor and his female co-host seemed to enjoy the Pakistani leader’s remarks and the male anchor’s response to the prime minister was: “You sound like a voter from the Bronx”.

Anchor Joe Scarborough himself classified that when Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar called him out thinking he had used the word welder as a slur.

Bronx is a borough of New York City and the TV anchor’s response was an indication that he has good sense of humour too.

When the political opponents at home were done mocking the prime minister, former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag came across the video clip and shared it on social media in an attempt to ridicule Imran Khan.

“You sound like a welder from the Bronx, says the anchor.
After the pathetic speech in the UN a few days ago , this man seems to be inventing new ways to humiliate himself,” wrote he in the caption of the video.

Famous Pakistani music director and husband of late Nadia Faisal, Faisal Rafi put the Indian cricketer in his place by pointing out his mistake.

“Not that I support him but the guy said ‘Voter’, maybe remove the dildos in your ears, you will hear better” Faisal Rafi commented while retweeting Sehwag’s tweet.

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