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Ramiz Raja flays Pakistani media, opposition parties

KARACHI: Ramiz Raja on Friday openly came out in support of Imran Khan government, criticizing the local media and anchors for showcasing what he said “opposition’s morbid views”.

“What’s gone wrong with our tv political shows and anchors? They have lost it-showcasing opposition’s morbid views who on their watch had fucked up Pakistan,” wrote Raja who was part of 1992 World Cup team that
won the tile under Imran Khan.

After criticizing the TV channels, Ramiz Raja took aim at the people blaming them for the miseries brought on the country.

He was of view that it was public that voted the opposition parties to power in the past and it is due to their policies that has caused the recent “price pang”.

” If public is feeling the “price pang”it bloody well deserves it for voting them in power for 10 yrs,” the former right handed batsman wrote.

While Ramiz Raja’s tweet has earned thousands of like and retweets , he also faced backlash from PPP and PMLN supporters for his political views.

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