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Sahiwal incident: LHC orders judicial inquiry

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Thursday ordered judicial inquiry into Sahiwal police shooting that killed four people on January 19.

The order was given by LHC Chief Justice Sardar Shamim during the hearing on applications seeking judicial inquiry into the incident that sparked countrywide protests.

The chief justice lamented that the court had given a list of names and their contact numbers to record their statements but its orders were not implemented.

Complainant’s lawyer Ehtasham requested the chief justice to order judicial inquiry into the killings carried out by the Counter Terrorism Department of the Punjab Police.

Justice Sardar Shamim accepted the request and directed Session Judge Sahiwal to appoint a magistrate to conduct the inquiry.

He said the people who want to record their statements could approach the Joint Investigation Team that has been probing the incident.

The government has given the JIT February 19 deadline to submit its report.

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