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Save The Tick! Fans are not happy about Amazon decision to cancel the show

“Save The Tick” was trending on Twitter hours after series creator Ben Edlund said the show has been canceled after two seasons at Amazon.

“I’m sorry to say Amazon has chosen not to proceed with [‘The Tick’],” Edlund wrote. “I’m not sorry to say I love this show, its cast, its story, and its message. Destiny demands that my compatriots and I now seek a new home for this series,” Edlund wrote on Twitter.

The Tick is story of a supehro (played by Peter Serafinowciz) who confronts the criminals in The City dressed as blue tick.

The hero is assissted by Arthur Everest (Griffin Newman) who serves as The Tick’s sidekick using a moth-like suit.

Fans were shocked to learn about the closure of the show and they took it upon theselves to convince the show runners not to cancel The Tick.

Thousands of tweets were posted with hashtag trend #SaveTheTick.

Here is a collection of some tweets:

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