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Terrifying video of a bear killing a man goes viral in Pakistan

Man killed in bear attack in Pakistan?

Whatsapp users in Pakistan were sharing a terrifying video and images of a man reportedly killed in a bear attack.

The gory video shows a bear mauling a man after pushing him to the ground. The man tries to save himself from the wild animal and stone apparently thrown by onlookers could also be seen flying towards the bear.

The news forwarded by hundreds of Whatsapp users also contained a couple of pictures of alleged victim lying on the strechther at what appeared to be a hospital with his face completely disfigured.

According to the Whatsapp users the man was killed by the bear at Kazmi Chow in Layyah district of South Punjab.

The veracity of the video and the report accompanying the Whatsaapp messages could not be independently confirmed. A closer look at the video and the victim does not corroborate the claim.

Although the Facebook owned Whatsapp has limited users’ ability to send forwarded messages, they are still able to send enough videos and false news which could lead to untoward incidents as seen in India where mob attacks were sparked by Whatsapp messages.

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