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Watch: Brad Pitt’s reaction when asked will he take Jennifer Aniston to Oscars

Hollywood Hunk Brad Pitt is most likely to win an Oscar for the first time in his career for his part in Quentin Tarantino directorial “Once Upon A In Hollywood”.

The actor’s reunion at SAG 2020 Awards with former wife Jennifer Aniston sent millions across the world into a frenzy and now the people are eagerly waiting for their next move.

Brad Pitt was recently left blushing when a reporter asked him, “Do you have a date for the Oscars.. Will you take Jen with you?”.

After listening to the reporter quite attentively, the actor broke into laughter and parried the question by turning to another one.

The video of Brad Pitt’s reaction is going viral on the Internet with fans of both the actors hoping that he reunites with Jennifer Aniston.

Here is how Pitt reacted:

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