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#WhenCoronavirusIsOver becomes top Twitter trend as users imagine the world after COVID-19 crisis

The novel coronavirus also known as COVID-19 has forced closure of entire cities in many countries after killing thousands of people across the world.

With no cure in sight, millions of people in Asia, Europe and America are living in lockdowns, with popular beaches, resorts, bars, markets, churches wearing deserted looks.

People are practicing self-isolation and social distancing in order to prevent the deadly virus from spreading further. Those who have to work are doing it from their homes with the exception of essential workers.

For most of the people social media is the only mean of communication.

With a week into self-isolation, they have already started missing everything they now think they took for granted.

Thousands of people across the world on Sunday took to Twitter to share what they intend to do when the coronavirus crisis is over.

#WhenCoronaVirusIsOver became top trending topic on Twitter, with users posting some hilarious memes.

Here is a collection of some tweets:


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