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Why NDTV facing criticism in India?

New Delhi: Indian TV channel NDTC has accused Modi government of continuing the campaign to warn the media that nothing less than complete obeisance is acceptable.

The private broadcaster said its founders Radhika and Prannoy Roy have been prevented from leaving the country.

” They have been stopped on the basis of a fake and wholly unsubstantiated corruption case filed by the CBI about an ICICI loan that was taken by their company, RRPR, which was fully repaid with interest ahead of schedule,” said a statement issued by the TV channel.

“It is, along with events like raids on media owners, a warning to the media to fall in line – or else,” it said.

The development come a day after NDTV accused Pakistani media of taking its stories and reporting them out of context, a claim the media in Islamic Republic has denied.

Meanwhile #NDTC hashtag was trending on Twitter, with some people accusing it of siding with Pakistan.

Others called out the BJP government for pressuring the media.

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