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Zulqarnain Chheena denies writing PM Imran’s UN speech

Karachi: You might have come across some social media posts crediting a Pakistani man for the impressive speech Prime Minister Imran Khan made at the United Nations General Assembly session on Friday.

The prime minister has received accolades from all over for exposing India’s true face before the international community and telling it in clear terms that the policy of appeasement towards India is not going to work.

He said Pakistan would chose to fight till the end if given the option between surrender or defend its freedom..

The Pakistani prime minister, however, made it clear that the war between two nuclear armed countries will have consequences far beyond borders.

The speech had the international community talking about Kashmir. In the middle of applause for the former cricket hero for delivering such a brilliant speech, some Facebook and Twitter users started circulating posts claiming that the speech was written by a Pakistani official Zulqarnain Chheena.

Screenshot of a Facebook post circulating on social media

The posts purport to claim that Mr Chheena is a Second Secretary to Pakistan’s UN Mission who wrote the speech for Mr Khan because the prime minister reportedly forgot to include some important things to add.

The posts are fake.

The prime minister delivered an extempore speech at the UN to awaken the world conscience over Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir.

The claim was also rejected by Mr Zulqarnain Chheena himself who in a Facebook said: “The kind of speech Prime Minister delivered yesterday cannot be written. The Prime Minister was speaking from his heart and he didn’t use any draft.I very much appreciate my secret admirers who think I wrote the script, but this is not true.

The man himself used Facebook to make things clear

I would also like to thank those ho wanted to believe I could be responsible for such an historic feat”.

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