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What happened between Chase Hudson and Josh Richards? Here’s the answer

Chase Hudson aka Lil Huddy recently used his Instagram account to write a heartfelt note for all those who have faced body-shaming and bullying.

His Insta posted was accompanied by picture of himself that melt hearts of his fans. The teenage sensation recounted all the bullying and body-shaming he faced during his childhood.

Here is what Lil Huddy’s caption read:

“I’ve been body shamed ever since i was a little boy. i grew up hating everything about the way i looked. i was bullied and made fun of ever since i was in middle school for my physical appearance. i was told to eat, i was told that i looked like bones, or that i was a twig. this message goes out to all of the people that struggle with body shame to let you know that you are not alone. check out http://Stopbullying.gov for more information on how to get help if you or someone you know is getting bullied.”

Many fans of the TikToker believe that his Insta post was in response to Josh Richards who had body-shamed him a week ago.

Josh, who recently reached four million mark on Instagram, had posted a couple of pictures. While the photos seemed some kind of merch advertisement at first sight, the caption and pants/hoodies donned by the social media celebrity were an obvious attack on Chase Hudson aka Lil Huddy.

” Sorry lil hoodie… Still Softish Pants / Wakanda King hoodies Out Now! Link In Bio! ,” Josh Richards captioned his photo.

Fellow TikTokers including Mattia Polibio not only liked Josh’s post but also left some flattering comments, leaving their fans disappointed by their insensitivity.

A fan, however, called Josh Richards out for his childish act, saying “
y’all act like 10 years old kids”.

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